The production of any handmade work is a creative activity with a complex structure. From the selection of materials to the determination of production methods and steps; the entire process from hands-on production to constant modification and improvement is full of creative spirit; the blend of image thinking and logical thinking; has its unique advantages in quality cultivation, and plays other The role that discipline cannot replace.

In handmade products, you can appreciate the value that one has created in space and time. Not only those excellent works, but the rough handicrafts that have just started should also be recognized. Its significance lies in that people begin to explore the surroundings that make up life, and form their own unique experience and scale of detail in the repeated refinement of specific things. It calls out your initial curiosity and enthusiasm, and lets you observe the world with your own eyes. It refuses to simplify life, and it also refuses to adopt a passive attitude towards everything.

Hand-painted canvas is a hand-painted painting using oil painting techniques and pigments. It is different from traditional oil painting. It changes from abstract painting. It uses strong color visual effects and abstract freehand decorative style to express ideas. It seems simple. In fact, there are rich connotations and backgrounds, and styles change with time.

As a form of painting, the effect of hand-painted canvas is better. The natural expression, smooth lines, and changes in light and shade are very comfortable and natural, making people feel gorgeous without feeling greasy. It looks gorgeous and Without pretentiousness, crazy but not intentionally. Every angle he showed was so natural. The beauty of this "Irish man" was so touching no matter which side of the waterfront you were on.

Advantages of hand-painted canvas
1, the picture effect is good. The hand-painted oil painting shows people a natural side, so it does not look intentional.
2, the long-term preservation of hand-painted oil paintings is quite long. There are many famous oil paintings in the world, which have a history of hundreds or even thousands of years, so hand-painted oil paintings have great collection value.
3, the decorative effect is strong. The artistic atmosphere of hand-painted oil painting is strong as well. A tasteful oil painting can reflect the elegant artistic temperament of the owner, giving a sense of extraordinary style and beautifying the living space of the owner.
4, and the production process is long The production time of an oil painting is generally three to fifteen days, the production process is too long, a good work is worth waiting patiently, and in our case, you save this time, we will help you Make it!

Comparatively speaking, as the other side's print canvas can not do this!

1, the screen is simple and layerless, which is fatal, which proves that the machine can never replace the handmade.
2, the storage time is short and easy to fade, the general inkjet canvas and printing canvas, the storage time will not exceed two years, the color of the canvas is easy to age.

Printing canvas is simple to produce and can be produced in an assembly line. An oil painting can print thousands of canvas after computer data analysis.