About Size

1.The size of our hand-painted oil paintings varies according to the proportion of the pictures. All sizes on the product page are available, we have four rectangles with different proportions.

1).Size  40cm × 80cm

2).Size  30cm × 90cm

3). Size  40cm × 60cm

4). Size  40cm × 50cm

2. The size of the product you chose is the size of the painting . If you buy a frameless product, there are 5cm width white borders around the painting in order to wrap the frame .

3. Some paintings with thick pigments on the surface must be preserved with frames.We only offer framed options for these products.

4. The thickness of the frame is 3 cm and the inner frame is included around the canvas. The full size of the painting is presented. For more information on photo frames, please see About Frame.

5. If you bought a painting without frame,we will roll it up when we pack it. you need to mount it with a frame before hanging it when you receive it. If it is framed, it can be hung directly.

Package without frame:

Package with frame: