Why Hand Painted Oil Painting is Better than Printed Oil Painting?

Why Hand Painted Oil Painting is Better than Printed Oil Painting?


1. Different Style.

All of our hand-painted oil paintings are hand-drawn by artists, purely hand-made works. Hand-painted canvas wall artworks are incomparable to print oil paintings in terms of quality and style. Printed oil paintings are industrial products that can be mass produced and cannot be compared with hand-painted works in terms of quality. The wall decorations hanging on your living room or work space must have high quality to show your taste.


Hand-painted oil paintings are drawn by hand using oil paints, and the colors are brighter than printed oil paintings. Printing oil paintings are limited by equipment and dyes, so colors cannot be as vivid as hand-painted oil paintings.

hand painted oil painting color hand painted oil painting Pigment color hand painted oil painting Pigment color

3. Stereo Perception.

The hand-painted oil painting is a stereo picture, and the works with thick texture can clearly see the fluctuations of the painting. In terms of artistic expression, it can give us a real feeling. Printed oil painting is smoothed without stereo perception.

hand painted oil painting Stereo Perception hand painted oil painting Stereo Perception hand painted canvas wall art Stereo Perception


 4. Preservation.

The hand-painted oil painting using oil paints can be stored for a long time without losing color. Easy to clean,it can be wiped with a damp cloth directly. Some representative hand painted oil paintings can be preserved for decades or hundreds of years without changing the color. Because the printing oil painting uses dyes, it has a certain shelf life, usually within two years,the color will become dark and need to be replaced.

5. Unique.

Even if two same hand-painted oil painting works are not exactly identical , when the artist draws the oil painting, they will make some changes in different situations according to the expressiveness of the picture. Even the same work drawn by the same artist is not the same. So the wall art hanging on your home or office must be unique.but the printed oil paintings are 100% identical.

Our paintings are hand drawn by artists.Our goal is to integrate high-quality works of art into your living and working environment. We will always insist on doing this.