About frame

Frame: Similar to a square, the interior is hollow, and the blank space just fits the commonly used photos. It is mainly used to locate the four sides of a photo and enhance its beauty. It is also conducive to protecting the quality of the photo, such as a photo frame with glass, which can prevent the photo from discoloring and yellowing. It is a decorative item. If you choose frameless, then we will roll it up and ship it to reduce creases.

hand painted canvas art frame wooden | Canvasgonehand painted canvas art frame wooden | Canvasgonehand painted canvas art frame wooden | Canvasgone

Made of SPF wooden

SPF is obviously white wood, with a bright and clean appearance, color ranging from white to light yellow, fine and straight lines and smooth texture. With high strength to weight ratio, it is famous for its excellent operation performance. It has a very good nail holding force and is easy to operate by hand and electric tools. Good adhesion, painting, and coloring. Kiln-dried wood is used as structural framing material in all types of buildings: residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.

SPF wooden frame | canvasgone

The main uses of wooden frames are 2 types:
1, Make decorative materials, such as decorative materials for suspended ceilings. Can also be used to enclose walls and doors.
2, Make the outer packaging of items, such as the borders of paintings, the borders of photos, the borders of mirrors, and so on.

hand painted canvas frame hand painted oil painting | canvasgonehand painted canvas frame hand painted oil painting | canvasgone

The framed canvas works come ready to hung

How should we use and protect the frame every day?

The frame is more delicate and needs to be taken care of, because it is only used for viewing, not if it is a tool.
1. The use occasions are indoors, it is best not to place them in the open air.
2. Avoid places with high temperature and long-term sunlight.
3. It is best to use alkaline detergent when cleaning, do not use washing powder water.

The meaning of the frame: To protect the canvas art works, should purchasing the frame, the various uses of the art works will become very convenient. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase framed canvas art works. If you buy the framed canvas, we will customize a suitable frame for you according to the size of the canvas you purchased. This will prevent you from buying inappropriate ones on the market!

Ourer Frame

Painted frames are the inner frame. If you need an outer frame, please order this product, we will install the outer frame on the painting.

  • Material: Polystyrene, PS
  • Size: According to the drawing size, install the four sides of the painting
  • Color: Depending on the color of the picture, the color of the outer frame is also different. Our painter will determine the color of the outer frame based on the color of the painting. The color of the outer frame is not autonomous, and it is determined by the painter according to the color of the picture
If you need to install a separate outer frame, you will need to purchase an outer frame product. The painters will determine the color of the outer frame according to the color of the painting.
This is the linked of outer frame, if you need to install the outer frame, please order this product at the same time of your painting order:
Outer FrameOuter frame color

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